Introduction to Chaudhry Enterprises

Chaudhry Muhammad Javed, Founder and CEO of M/S Chaudhry Enterprises, started his career in 1962 with various government construction projects in Islamabad and its surrounding areas. Foreseeing Islamabad’s bright future, he moved into the construction business of private houses and commercial buildings. Soon after, the urbanization of Islamabad led to the demand of new homes creating even more work opportunities. Thus, it was in 1979, that M/S Chaudhry Enterprises emerged as a company, opening its very first construction and real estate office in F7 Markaz, the heart of Read More

Vision Statement

“The leader in generating innovative real estate solutions for challenges faced by businesses aspiring to grow beyond the bounds”

Mission Statement

“Providing real estate growth opportunities from multinational companies down to first time investors through extensive research using the latest information technology, social media and ingenious engineering solutions.”

Message from CEO

We only live once; let’s live the way we dream. Chaudhry Enterprises Group of Companies will make your dreams a reality