About Us

Introduction to Chaudhry Enterprises

Chaudhry Muhammad Javed, Founder and CEO of M/S Chaudhry Enterprises, started his career in 1962 with various government construction projects in Islamabad and its surrounding areas. Foreseeing Islamabad’s bright future, he moved into the construction business of private houses and commercial buildings. Soon after, the urbanization of Islamabad led to the demand of new homes creating even more work opportunities. Thus, it was in 1979, that M/S Chaudhry Enterprises emerged as a company, opening its very first construction and real estate office in F7 Markaz, the heart of Islamabad. s.

From first time buyers to Real Estate Investors and Multinational Companies, We offered our expertise in the field of construction and real estate for over five decades. Now, we provide an array of services. One man’s vision turned into a family business and today, under the umbrella of M/S Chaudhry Enterprises, the firm operates several child companies that specialize according to market needs.

Witnessing the many difficulties faced by people in purchasing or renting land or buildings for various purposes, M/S Chaudhry Enterprises felt the need to create a company that specialized in this very field. Thus, Chaudhry Enterprises Real Estate Agency came into being, as one of the four child companies of M/S Chaudhry Enterprises. It helps individuals invest in buying or renting apartments, homes, retail outlets, office space or land. Sit back and relax, let Chaudhry Enterprises do the work for you.

365 Chaudhry Enterprises is another child company established in 2010. It is project marketing company that aims to build your property portfolio by working all year round! It adds value to land and markets it to potential buyers thus giving your property portfolio an entire new look!

Today, we continue to build Islamabad and its surroundings under a new name, Columns & Beams which is the third child company of M/S Chaudhry Enterprises. We provide a variety of services that help you construct your home or commercial building in the right way. In short, you hire us and we hand you the keys to your new home.

Finally M/S Chaudhry Enterprises gave birth to Brands Affairs which is a Research & Development Company. Brands Affairs aims to offer the best advice when it comes to finding a new location for your business. It employs various skills and techniques to study not only the needs of your company but also the changing market conditions to help you choose the best spot to relocate or open up your next branch!

Committed to improving our standards, satisfying our client needs and ensuring their trust is kept, we as a company, can claim to be the pioneer in building Islamabad while providing it with the best residential and commercial real estate solutions. We look forward to working with you!

Vision Statement

“The leader in generating innovative real estate solutions for challenges faced by businesses aspiring to grow beyond the bounds”

Mission Statement

“Providing real estate growth opportunities from multinational companies down to first time investors through extensive research using the latest information technology, social media and ingenious engineering solutions.”

Our Core Values

We value your investments and time with us. We put our commitments with you first. We deliver what we commit so consider it done!
Transparency:We are known for our honest dealings, it’s what we stand for.
Efficiency: Track us 24/7 365 days a year online and get updates on real time basis.
Innovation: Growth comes from innovation and innovation is only possible with continuous research and development. We follow and practice this rule religiously.
Reliability:Whether the market is bullish or berrish, we’ll be there to make sure your investment portfolio thrives

Message from CEO

We only live once; let’s live the way we dream. Chaudhry Enterprises Group of Companies will make your dreams a reality