Columns & Beams

Construction Company

Are you short of time? Tired of doing things by yourself? Have no idea how to get things done? There’s no need to worry! Columns & Beams has your back! We assist in the design of architectural plans, provide real estate and engineering consultation, take care of the civil works and entire project construction, select and procure all the materials and of course hand you the keys to your brand new home! We aspire to provide services to the corporate sector that includes a number of industries such as the banking sector, IT, fashion brands and fast food outlets not to mention the residential sector as well. Under Chaudhry Enterprises, we continue to build Islamabad and its surroundings while never ceasing to take up projects in different cities that help us build our company and experience.

We have an entire team to guide you through the steps of construction. They tell you how to create the architectural design pointing out the Do’s and Don’ts depending on the location and nature of the project. We have our own construction team that gets the building on its feet! From the paint on your walls to the wires in them, we get it all done.

So next time you want to get a home or commercial building constructed, just give us a call! We’ll be there at your doorstep.

We provide:

  • Planning, 3D architecture, civil works, renovation, construction & landscaping … All under one roof
  • Specialized construction & renovation services for brand outlets, corporate offices & embassies
  • Complete material selection & procurement
  • Site management & supervision
  • After sale services; maintenance and repairs round the clock

Message from CEO

Brick by brick, we build your dreams Then we place columns and beams, to give you a roof over your head We are in the construction business since 1962. Houses, apartment buildings, retail outlets & corporate offices, commercial buildings and malls, we have done it all …