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Research and Development

After years of practice, the need for a research company arose that could investigate, analyze and understand the business model of multinational companies in order to point out potential growth opportunities for them across the country. It was this need that inspired us to pioneer such a research company, namely Brands Affairs. Well how does Brands Affairs work? It’s simple! Here’s what we do! We pick up an enterprise; go through its business model while considering its real estate needs, internal and external factors, competitor activity and future market trends. Then, after extensive research and analysis, we point out suitable locations for you to open up your next outlet. Not to mention we also provide area and project feasibility reports for strategic business decisions. If you’re planning to relocate or expand your business, Brands Affairs is a service you do not want to miss out on!

Our software integrates various types of data such as business type, current outlet locations and growth patterns as well as their customer’s data such as gender and class in order to generate the ideal location of the new outlet! We also consider human factors while providing consultation to our clients. We keep you two steps ahead of your competitor and provide practical growth opportunities that fit your budget! Brands Affairs helps you expand your business by not only providing locations for your new outlets, offices or shops but also arranges franchisee’s for businesses thus providing financial and managerial assistance!

Working with us will help minimize the risk of outlet closures that harm your business! Let us do the homework and we’ll provide the best solutions to your expansion problems! We look forward to partnering up with you in the future.

Message from CEO

Be the first one to find the best location …

  • We are the Gateway to the Pakistani market
  • Take advice to locate your first or next branch or outlet in a desired city or to relocate due to expansion and downsizing
  • Find out where your competitor is moving next with area feasibility reports
  • Get online visual tours of outlets and areas before site visits to save time
  • Multiple franchising outlet opportunities for your business growth