Overseas gateway to freedom

Overseas gateway to freedom

Companies - Embassies - Investors - Residents

Are you a foreign company looking to enter the Pakistani market? Or an overseas investor or overseas Pakistani resident? A diplomat or foreigner having difficulty in investing in, buying, selling or renting an accommodation? Looking for a renowned real estate agent to take care of location, offers and all the paper work? Or maybe you’re looking for an engineering company to take your home/commercial project and give a complete key turn based construction solution with architectural and procurement? Or you’re simply looking for a property management company so you can concentrate on other matters? Then you have come to the right place! We’ve been helping many like you for over 4 decades and have earned an excellent repute. Our business doesn’t just reflect our passion but also our role in society and moral obligation towards our country.

We are aware of the difficulties faced by foreigners and our overseas Pakistanis with regards to property and thus take special care of their needs and issues. We understand how difficult it is to buy, sell or manage property from abroad or invest in a foreign market; dealing with real estate agents who never get the paperwork done on time is a real hassle and can further complicate the issue when you can only afford to stay in the country for a specified period. Property takeovers are a common issue everywhere and you need reliable people to take care of your property.

Keeping in mind the above, we have tailored our services not only for our clients abroad but also for international brands and companies either existing in the market and want to expand or are planning to enter the Pakistani market. We create growth opportunities for our clients.

  • We are dedicated to creating opportunities for you to expand or enter into the Pakistani Market! We identify the best place for you to open up your next brand or outlet considering your business model!
  • If you have no idea of the Pakistani property market that’s ok! We have multiple opportunities waiting for diplomatic employees and overseas investors! We provide property screening where we verify legal documents, meet concerned authorities and also make onsite visits to verify property details. We have virtual tours, pictures and videos of the property to keep our overseas clients updated and aware about the property they are investing in. Property management is also available for foreign clients as well!
  • If our foreign clients require construction or renovation services for their residential or commercial property/project, we have got that covered as well! From constructing and renovating homes on your behalf to entire commercial projects, leave it to us.
  • Our group of companies advertises and markets housing and commercial projects and investment opportunities. We also provide franchising teams to foreign companies willing to enter or expand in the Pakistani market.