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Project Marketing

365 Chaudhry Enterprise is a Real Estate Project Marketing Company. We have specialized teams for letting, sales and marketing your Real Estate Projects. We also have access to hundreds of multinational companies who we recommend properties to on short and long term tenancy agreements. Based on what goes where, we can assist you with a very successful and lucrative plan to sell or lease out your projects! Project planning is also our specialty, where we assist you in placing the right company at the right spot! Our experience allows us to guide you in outlet relocation even within malls or shopping centers to help pull in potential customers. We also bring international franchising to your door step and provide you or your clients with multiple franchising opportunities.

The inauguration phase of a mall, apartment building or any commercial or residential housing project is where things can go horribly wrong and the whole project suffers even before it becomes fully operational. Your dreams shatter right in front of you. But wait! You can avoid such situations! 365 works closely with its sister companies Chaudhry Enterprises Real Estate Agency and Brands Affairs to develop a very successful plan to launch the model you share with us. Therefore, starting from project ground location, ground breaking to project floor planning, which brands to choose and leading it to the open day with a fantastic and attractive guest list, we cover all planning, marketing, legal and lunching phases! We also have access to hundreds of multinational companies who are ready to sign tenancy and franchising agreements with you! We make sure the opening day is a blast to make an impression on your clients and potential customers. The key to a successful opening is making a mark, catching the eye of investors and entertaining the needs of consumers!

Reasons to choose 365 to market your project

  • Marketing Real Estate Projects since the 70’s
  • Complete understanding of project life cycle
  • Get extensive market surveys
  • Excellent skills of managing cash flows in crisis
  • Access to over 1000 retails & corporate brands as well as from investors to first time buyers throughout the country and internationally
  • Complete understanding of legal documentation and financial transaction procedure and process

Message from CEO

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