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Introduction to Chaudhry Enterprises

The history of the Firm M/S Chaudhry Enterprises starts right from the birth of Islamabad when it was made as Capital City in 1960. Chaudhry Muhammad Javed Founder and CEO of M/S Chaudhry Enterprises (1979), stated his career in 1962 with various government construction projects in and in the outskirts of Islamabad. With a great vision of Islamabad’s golden future he quickly moved into construction of private houses and commercial buildings. Seventy’s was the time when people stated rushing into Islamabad to seek work and thus there was a huge demand of housing. In late 70’s Chaudhry Enterprises opened its very First Real Estate Agency in the heart of Islamabad F7 Markaz.

Over 5 decades of excellence in Islamabad and its surrounding we have gathered a large number clients from First Time Buyers to Real Estate Investors as well as Multinational Companies and offered our expertise in field of Construction and Real Estate. Today we provide a very mature practice of Letting, Sales, Projects Marketing and Turn Key Solution to all your real estate needs.

One man’s vision turned into family business and today under the umbrella of M/S Chaudhry Enterprises the firm operate several child companies each specializing according to market needs. If you are looking to invest in buying or renting an apartment, house, retail outlets or office space or you may wish to just buy/rent land, Chaudhry Enterprises Real Estate Agency is the answer to your all Real Estate needs.

Taking your investment one step forward by converting land into development and marketing housing/commercial project by stretching marketing boundaries from local area to all over Pakistan and beyond into different corners of the world, we Established 365 Chaudhry Enterprises in 2010. 365 Chaudhry Enterprises is project marketing company. Term 365 refers to 365 days of year. Which means that every day of the year we are here to increase your property investment portfolio.

Today we continue to build and construct Islamabad and its surrounding under a new name “Columns & Beams” a Civil Engineering Company. If the requirement is turnkey solution for personal living or business then Columns & Beams will take your project from architectural planning and designing to construction on turnkey basis. So you have to worry about nothing.

Brands Affairs is a Research & Development Company that was established in 2015 for facilitating expansion of Multinational companies all over country and to meet their Real Estate Needs. Here we take any enterprise and go through its complete business model and real state needs and help them to expand by locating and relocating all over the country. We also offer area and project feasibility reports for strategic business decisions. This service is something we can say where no one can match out expertise and absolutely a service not to be missed by any corporate sector that is in business expansion program.

Without a doubt we can claim to be the pioneer in building Islamabad and providing it with best residential and commercial real estate solutions. Hence, increasing real estate portfolios of those who trust us the best. And as every year adds up to our service we are more and more committed to improve our standards and keep the trust of our clients above their satisfaction.

Message from CEO

We only live once, let’s live the way we want dream. Chaudhry Enterprises will convert your dream into a living reality.